Air Transport (Import/Export)

Profit from our passion for horses. Win time and security with Agricon Logistics horse transport.

Each country has its own laws and regulations with view to required health certificates, customs clearance and quarantine conditions. It does not make things easier. However, there is no need to worry. We take care of everything and ensure you a safe and smooth transportation of your horses!


For the export, you will receive a comprehensive consultation regarding all the preparations. This includes the process pre-export quarantine (if required), complete health certification incl. lab tests and export customs clearance. Moreover we will arrange the customs- and vet import clearance in country of destination incl. post arrival quarantine. Afterwards the horses will be moved in special horse transporters to the stables of final destination. Everything for your horse transportation is planned to the smallest detail, to ensure your horses arrive comfortable and safe in the country of destination.


For the import, you will receive a detailed and professional advice of the entire process. In that way you have a safe feeling from the beginning. We arrange smooth customs and vet clearance, post arrival quarantine as well as transport to final destination on special horse trucks. We are there when your horse needs us.


If requested, we have the capacity to prepare your horses in our own stables consisting of 25 boxes as well as a separate quarantine barn with 20 horseboxes. In addition, all horses have a daily grazing stay at our own horse pastures, provided the weather is acceptable.

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Agricon Logistics is the specialist of horse transportation since over 25 years.


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